Addictive Hobby

People have to deal with any number of vices. Perhaps the most subtle and addicting are those that would be virtues in any other context, such as scientific research or retro oilcloth artwork. Artwork is probably one of the most addicting of them, especially when someone has internet access and a scanner. There is a lot of support for art addiction, but unfortunately it usually tends to encourage the addiction rather than discourage it. At least this is an addiction that can eventually pay for itself, provided that the person exercises some basic business sense and is not afraid to put in some long hours. All it takes is some preservation and access to supplies, like pens.

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The Problem

The addiction is easy enough to understand, especially if the person has any talent. The person does something that he enjoys and then posts the results. If there is any interest the person gets a lot of positive feedback that encourages him, and then it starts snowballing without meaning to do so, an addiction is started and can only lead to more art. For those do that crafts it can mean an excuse to try more interesting items as the person pushes his skills in order to gain more feedback. If the person is any good, this can be a circular loop.

It can be fun to watch. The crafter finds some basic material he likes, such as retro oilcloth and does some research into it. He finds a number of what he thinks are fun uses and starts trying some things. Before he knows it he is doing some really fun stuff with the material and picking up some accolades for it. He graduates from using it for just tablecloths and graduates into clothing. Once he does that he has some choices to make, and some of those choices may lead to some very interesting places.

The Good News

Depending on the talent and drive of the person he may try to establish an online business based on his arts and crafts. An artist may sell posters or offer to do commissions, hoping to gain not enough money to pay for supplies but also possibly gain some experience and see some challenges to his skill. A craftsman will try to sell crafts, sometimes accepting commissions but usually just posting what he has done. Although there is some pride at work, especially if he is pushing himself, any extra moneys generated by the sale of the items is welcome as well. With a little drive these shops can do rather well.

The Bad News

There are some downsides to this addiction. For someone without drive or talent it can end up being a side hobby, something that they do merely for personal enjoyment. That is fine as well, as long as the person is getting something from it not everyone has to be a marketer, after all. Some people may end up spending too much on the hobby, sometimes to the point of incurring high debts, but these are the unfortunate few. This is ultimately an addiction that lead to some very nice places, if the person sticks to it.